Audio Preservation Fund

Great non-profit here in Austin, run by our good friend Will Vanden Dries, that works in cooperation with record shops, universities, libraries, private collectors, and other institutions around the country to preserve vinyl.

Daryl Scherrer

Amazing songwriter from Arizona who inexplicably flew all the way to Austin to play a show with us on the night before Thanksgiving 2011. Sings songs about Solomon and the undying disappointment of love. Claims that his set has been called "a rollicking bad time", which we thought was true in a triumphant, spectacular way.

Dollar Dan Nettles

Great songwriter and once-and-future collaborater of E&C.

Erica Fick

Wonderful photographer who took all of the pics on this website (except the live shots) and is just generally fantastic.

Erik Wofford

Fantastic recording engineer/producer, keeper of the coolest studio in town (Cacophony Studios) that is right on the river and has a deck with a ridiculous view of completely untouched natural wonder just 5 minutes from downtown Austin, father of the very sweet and charming Shnoodle Beatrice ("Bibi"), long-time nurturer of TLU-related projects, and all-around sweet guy.


Sweet Coffeeshop in South Austin where we play sometimes. They also have a great clothing boutique downstairs.

Gray Parsons

Percussionist collaborator, accomplished musician and all-around sweet guy.

Hole in the Wall

Great club in central Austin right by UT where we've played in this band and various other bands for the last 7-8 years. It is slightly nicer than the name would indicate, but still totally legit.

Nick Marcotte

Great songwriter and chief confidence-booster of TLU.


Cool Mediterranean bar in South Austin. Great wine selection, excellent taste in music.

Southpaw Jones

Texas State Songwriting Champion of Texas, currently resides right here in Austin. Writes hilarious, poignant songs about his pants, Waco TX as a tourist destination, and other topics.

Whip In

Liquor Store/Bar/Music Venue/Indian Restaurant on South I-35. No Joke.

William Vanden Dries

Builder of the TLU website, renovator of the greatest tour van in history known as the Soul Patrol (2003-2005 RIP), master of the harmonica, off-and-on musical collaborator, photographer at live shows, grower of ferocious beards and beautiful children.

Zuniga, Scott & Emilie

World travellers, gypsies, songwriters, singers, artists, musicians, linguists, next-generation-leaders of academic fields, accordian enthusiasts, wearers of boldly colored clothing, graphic designers, videographers, dual-citizenship holders, makers of delicious soups and tapas, true believers in the animals of the Chinese calendar year, and wonderful people.